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Level-Up Your Instagram Game

Out of all the Instagram growth tips, commenting is the most underrated one. Forget about two-word comments like "Great post." These are no longer effective for gaining followers on Instagram. Instead, generate detailed and genuine comments within seconds using Comment Generator.

Get your comments pinned more frequently

Pinned comments are placed at the top of a post's comment section, making them prominently visible to all future visitors of the post. With Comment Generator, your chances of getting your comments pinned are higher because you can write engaging and genuine comments more efficiently.

This one is different

Unlike other Instagram commenting bots that are based on templates of short and unrelated text responses, the Comment Generator for Instagram extension reads the post’s caption to generate an engaging and genuine reply.

And don't worry...

...the comment is not posted automatically. Take your time to review and edit it before posting.

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"This is a great extension. I love how natural and descriptive the comments are and the best part, we can edit and it feels super safe. I LOVE IT!"

Sumnima Thapa

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"You have a great product! The best part of it is the way people react, people really think I typed it myself. It's amazing."

Lennard Steeman

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"Love this! The technology is really great, its not "bot language" but something you would likely comment on the post. What I love most and is probably thee most important is that it's not a third party app. Im logged in to my own account, on my own device and still choosing individual posts I'd like to comment on. I can also edit it. Its really engaging because it gives me a great basis start and the better the caption of the photo the better the comment!"


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"Exactly what I needed. My favorite thing is that it's safe. My second favorite thing is alllll the comments are positive, even if the caption is not. Comments are genuine, not robotic. Great help for IG engagement."

Kennedy Robinson

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